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Alexander the great

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Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia and conqueror of the Persian Empire is considered one of the greatest military geniuses of all times, He was inspiration for later conquerors such as Hannibal the Carthaginian, the Romans Pompey and Caesar, and Napoleon.

Alexander was born in 356 BC in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia; He was son of Philip II, King of Macedonia, and Olympia’s, the princess of neighboring Epirus.

He spent his childhood watching his father transforming Macedonia into a great military power, winning victory after victory on the battlefields throughout the Balkans.

When he was 13, Philip hired the Greek philosopher Aristotle to be Alexander’s personal tutor. During the next three years Aristotle gave Alexander training in rhetoric and literature and stimulated his interest in science, medicine, and philosophy, all of which became of importance in Alexander’s later life.

He died in Babylon in 323 BC. Nobody knows the cause of Alexander’s death. Some people have said his death was caused by poison in wine, murder or a fever after a battle.

Alexandria, named after Alexander the Great, was founded in the year 332 BC.

For nearly 300 years, it was the capital of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt, Some famous ancient Greek scientists, such as Euclid of Alexandria and Eratosthenes, lived there or studied there.

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