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Alexandrian underwater Heritage
Alexandrian underwater Heritage

What is really magically about the Alexandrian heritage is that it is not limited to what has existed, or what you can still see existing on land, but it extends beyond that to what you can’t see of valuable archeological remains, submerged under water at several sites along the coast.

These sites stretch from the Eastern Harbor “Portus Magnus” to Abu Qir Bay (Canopus).

At the site of the Eastern Harbor, submerged ruins of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, together with thousands of other pieces of stonework of archeological interest were recently discovered (between 1961 and 1998)  (Empereur, 2000).

These pieces were found scattered over an area of 2.5 hectares of the Harbor’s bottom, including hundreds of columns of all sizes, column bases and capitals, sphinxes, statues, and some huge blocks of granite which, given where they lie, certainly came from the famous lighthouse.

Several sculptures belonging to the pharaonic era, including 28 sphinxes, bearing the insignia of the Pharaohs Sesostris III, Sethi I, Ramses II , and others, as  well as obelisks with hieroglyphic inscriptions, were also found at the underwater site of the Eastern Harbor.

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