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Anfushi Tombs

There is also an old interested place in Alexandria called Anfushi Tombs in Alexandria.

Alexandria lost much of its northern area under the waters of the Western harbor.

Today, millions of tourists flock to Anfushi Tombs in Alexandria to explore the remnants of the historic city.

Anfushi Tombs is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

They are limestone tombs which can be traced to 250 B.C, these tombs are painted as well so that they can be given the looks of alabaster and marble materials.

When you visit these tombs you will find decors of pictures of Egyptian gods, examples from regular living and graffiti of the ancient period in Anfushi Tombs.

If you go to the south of the esplanade leading to the palace of “Ras el-Tin”, you will spot Anfushi Tombs in Alexandria, which  were unraveled for the world in 1901 and 1921.

These also includes five rock-cut tombs, each of them has a courtyard, which in turn is bordered by chambers with burials.

You will be impressed by the first of Anfushi Tombs which can be reached via a rock-cut stairway filled with pictures of mythological scenes.

Once you reach further, you will find the vaulted ceiling of the funeral chamber decked with geometric designs that reflect décor of ancient villas.

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