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Montaza is a place with fantastic gardens to walk around and wonderful beaches.

There is also Montaza Palace which built on a low plateau east of central Alexandria overlooking a beach on the Mediterranean Sea.

This area along the coast about 15 miles east of Alexandria’s old district along the Corniche is where many of the modern Alexandrian hotels are located, as well as one of the elegant heritage hotels.

The extensive Montaza Palace grounds first had the Salamlek Palace, built in 1892 by Khedive Abbas II, the last Muhammad Ali Dynasty ruler to hold the Khedive title over the Khedivate of Egypt and Sudan.

It was used as a hunting lodge and residence for his companion.

The larger Al-Haramlik Palace and royal gardens were added to the Montaza Palace grounds, being built by King Fuad I in 1932, as a summer palace.

It is in a mixture of Turkish and Florentine styles, with has two towers, one rising distinctively high above with elaborated Italian Renaissance design details.

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