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Morsi Abu El abbas

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Mosque of Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi in Alexandria is the most important historic mosque in Alexandria, Constructed in 1775 by Algerians, it was built over the tomb of the 13th saint Ahmed Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi who joined and then led the Shadhali brotherhood.

It is only the tomb of Abu El Abbas El Mursi which remains today on its original site.

In the year 1307 AD, El Sheikh Zein El Din Ibn El Qattan, one of the richest traders of Alexandria, ordered his men to build a mausoleum and a dome for the tomb.

The tomb was placed under the dome to the right hand side of the entrance.

The mosque became a place of pilgrimage for Muslims from Egypt and Morocco who passes through Alexandria during their Haj journey to and from Mecca.

A mulid or Islamic religious festival was established to celebrate the birth of Abu El

The mosque was rebuilt by the government in the Arabian architectural pattern that was popular during the Ayyubid Period, the time when Abu El Abbas El Mursi first came to Alexandria from Spain.

The walls of the mosque stand 23 meters high and dressed in artificial stone while the minaret, situated on the southern side, rises to 73 meters.

Ayyubids pattern has four sections:

•             The first section is about 15 meters high and square in shape.

•             The second one is four meters high with eight sides.

•             The third level is about 15 high with sixteen sides while the uppermost level is 3.25 meters high with a circular shape.

The mosque has two main entrances, the one on the north overlooks the square and the eastern door also overlooks the square.

The columns are solid or monolithic and octagonal in shape, measuring .85 meters in diameter and 8.60 meters in height, the doors, minbars (the Islamic equivalent to the pulpit) and windows are made of joined and finely carved teak and walnut.

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